EPIC Speakers, help me to help you

EPIC, we need to talk.

I’m a UX person and by that, I mean I’m a researcher, designer, project manager and usability tester. The bit I like most of my job, is the research bit, and my favourite type of research is ethnography. I loved ethnography before I came to EPIC and will leave with a much better appreciation for the discipline and a new passion for encouraging my UX colleagues to get stuck into it. The conference therefore, was brilliant, wonderfully organised, engaging speakers and a great mix of academics and industry people.

So what’s my issue you ask? Well, as you might imagine I live my life digitally and go to a lot of events, mostly digital or UX focused. Go to any digital event and there will be as much activity on Twitter as there is in the lecture hall. Discussions happen, people tweet interesting quotes from speakers and people who can’t afford to come, or have time to attend can keep up.

My message to you, especially the speakers for next year, is don’t underestimate this channel. I was amazed that most of the speakers this year (who were awesome by the way), had no online presence. You’re missing out on one massive audience. Take @drewpasmith. Drew is a well connected industry chap in the worlds of research and user experience  He’s got 2000+ followers, including many Heads of Research at top agencies. He tweeted a lot about this years conference:

Screenshot 2013-09-18 10.10.14

From Tweetreach I can see that Drew generated 22,000 impressions from his #EPIC2013 tweets. I could say the same about @sladner. Sam probably doesn’t need much introduction to most of you, but with 2,265 high quality industry followers, her tweets are worth a lot.

So EPIC 2014 speakers, help me to help you. I’m going to tweet about you and I’m going to blog about you (see 2013’s blogs below) anyway so why not give me something to link too? And you don’t need a sexy portfolio site (though that would be nice), here are some ideas:

  • Landing Pages: There are a couple of great website building sites which create simple landing pages for your online profile. They’re quick to use and have plenty of templates to make designing them really quick. Have a look at about.me or flavours.me. Get a domain from hover.com which you’ll be able to point your langing page too. The website builders offer a lot of help with this and you can even by domain names through them to make it even simpler.
  • Twitter: Get a twitter account. Even if it’s only used at conferences, it will give you access to the other conversations happening at the event and give the blogging world something to reference back too.
  • Tell us about it: Twitter handles (like @jamesasterisk) belong on your slides in a corner so we can see them throughout your presentation. Tweet a few times with the event hashtag.

The EPIC team are doing a great job online so make the most of it. Help us to talk about you and the great talk you’ve just given us. The #EPIC2013 hashtag reached over 15,000 accounts this year, that’s a lot of people in what is a pretty close industry.

My EPIC 2013 blogs:

Day 1 morning & afternoon

Day 2 morning

Day 3 morning

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