The dangers of the ambiguous hashtag

Something strange happened when I first engaged with this year’s EPIC conference on my favourite social media platform. The hashtag for the event, #EPIC2013, was apparently a favourite hashtag of the ‘yoof when communicating what a fantastic year they were having so far. And it wasn’t just them, there was also a youth Christian festival in Florida called…EPIC so made use of the same hashtag. It made for some light relief on the event’s twitter feed, here are some of my favourites:

Screenshot 2013-09-17 10.14.47 Screenshot 2013-09-17 10.14.38 Screenshot 2013-09-17 10.14.31

Screenshot 2013-09-17 10.06.57 Screenshot 2013-09-17 10.07.15 Screenshot 2013-09-17 10.07.33 Screenshot 2013-09-17 10.07.54 Screenshot 2013-09-17 10.08.06 Screenshot 2013-09-17 10.08.19

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